The simplest and easiest way for salvation

One of the men wanted to know what the simplest and easiest way to emancipation and immortality. Baba replied:

The […]

Meaning of holding fast to Baba’s Daaman

Now I will explain about holding fast to my daaman. Hold me, or leave […]

To guard against maya’s tricks

… The only thing that maya cannot go against is my work, because maya itself is […]

“Hold fast to my daaman has most meaning”

Baba showing the sadra as a sign of daaman

“Your mind will play many tricks on […]

How can you annihilate your own self? – Be Honest

[Continued from previous post]

On the spiritual path, the only sin is hypocrisy. Be honest. You […]

How can you annihilate your own self? – Surrender your ego to Baba

One day a distinguished looking man came to garland and bow down to Baba. He said, “I have read […]

“Hold on tightly and take my name constantly”

Explaining about Realization, Baba continued:

There are two ways of realizing God. The first method is through love […]

“It is for you to hold on to Me now and forever “


I am always with you, still I have been very happy for the days that you have been with Me. You may feel […]

“The power house will never fail”



In the middle of this multitude, a well-known person named Chaunde Maharaj came to Baba. With folded hands, he tearfully […]

The only reality is to catch firm hold of the daaman

Baba in a train in Andhra Darshan tour, 1953


Bandili B. Bapiraju related several of his miraculous experiences, saying they were […]