The Divine Ocean is shoreless

The state of Realized Souls is like that of a calm, tranquil ocean. Oceans have shores, but this Divine Ocean is shoreless. […]

The value of austerity, self-denial and hardship

Hearing this, one of the disciples remarked, “Sire, if realization be so easy of attainment, then why is it that disciples are invariably made […]

“Blessed are they who are prepared to assert that right in this very life”




Question: Shall we, who dare not entertain what to us is the presumptuous hope of attaining Realization at this point in […]

Internal fountain of bliss

Question: If all the beautiful things we have known moonlight, stars, music, the sound of the sea, the fragrance of flowers, our little dreams […]

The veil must be ripped off

Later that day, Pleader came and questioned Baba about God-realization. The Master explained:

Before Realization, the veil must be torn away and […]

Realization is impossible until intelligence is purified and freed of imagination

When a few outside visitors came in the evening, Baba explained to them:.

The whole world is enmeshed in the grip of lust for […]

Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-2/2

As to the one who has realized God and is immersed in the state of Truth, such a one possesses, at first, […]

On Union or Vasl

In that State of states, one comes to realize that this that you see is all nothing. It is all one everlasting and eternal […]

Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 3 (Final)

Under such circumstances, the only good advice to be given is this: remain in sahavas, all of you! Even those among you who are […]

Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 2

Realization comes at its proper time through the Guru’s grace. The seeds (bij) are sown, but time is required for their growth. […]