A clean, open, receptive heart


Questioner: The East is mystical, the West practical.

Baba: The practical mind of the West and the mystical mind of the East must […]

Your Best Friend

Baba is happy with your utter honesty. How often in His messages we find He stresses: “Be honest with God,” hence with yourself. Baba […]

Love, Obedience and Surrender

Baba mentioned the reviews of God Speaks to the group and continued:

If after reading God […]

The Divine Response – Receive my love with open heart

Do not try with your limited mind to understand the significance of my actions, nor try to imitate them. You must not do what […]

The Divine Response – “My response is wholly and entirely one of love.”

During June, he also gave this discourse on The Divine Response:

The moment you try to understand God rather than love Him, you begin […]

Nothing but mere words!

Joanna Smith and Olivia Maugham. Joanna Smith was from Westchester, New York. She was a large, strapping woman who had become very involved in […]

East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “I just want your grace and that would settle all accounts in a flash” – Part 1

Eruch was then asked to read 21 points which Baba had dictated. Eruch said, “Baba has given us 21 points, some not even […]