After Resurrection, Jesus traveled to India

“There is one secret about Jesus which the Christians do not know. When Jesus was crucified, he did not die; he entered the state […]

Did Christ suffer physically on the cross?

Q. Did Christ suffer physically on the cross?

Baba: If not, why the body? What need for Jesus if he did not suffer? Christ […]

“I am he, undoubtedly”

“Now, who is Christ? The individual soul. Who is Jesus? The Avatar of Nazareth. What is Christ? The Son of God state.” (, […]

“I feel all your suffering because you all are in me”

Baba asked Ivy, “What are you thinking?”

She replied, “I was wondering what you were thinking!”

Baba answered, “I was thinking that God within […]

“In order to teach humanity humility”

“Jesus Christ suffered the tortures of crucifixion to take on the suffering of the world. Being simultaneously the Father and Son, his own infinite […]

His Godhood gives a universal push

Being asked by the editors about Jesus’ “temptations,” Meher Baba replied:

“The […]

One must try to live the life that Christ lived

Walter’s brother Oskar asked, “What hinders me from being a better and truer Christian, and so also […]

“I am he, undoubtedly”

That day a Catholic priest, Father Anthony, the principal of Saint Catherine of Siena School in Bombay, came for Baba’s darshan.

The […]

Teachings in accordance with our readiness to listen and understand



Life at the school ashram returned to a normal schedule again. In the course of his explanations on Monday, […]

“When I say I am the Only One, I mean it” – Part 2 (Final)


Christ also said the same thing when he said, “I and my Father are One!”

What is this “I?”

The difference between the […]