“Cults and religions have no importance – Love holds the key”

Just a week before, on 9 May, Baba had told another person:

Many people of the world say that God is. Every religion and […]

“It is good to be frank and honest in all matters, whether most ordinary or important”

On 13 May 1960, Baba asked one of his devotees, “Have you read Stay With God?” The woman had a poor excuse of “no […]

“Wants, desires, thoughts are all so compressed within you that they leave no room for God the Beloved”

The director [D. D. Kashyap] told Baba part of the story of his recent film, Maya, about a wealthy boy who falls in love […]

“To receive love, you have to lose everything”

During darshan the next day, Sunday, 8 May, a visitor requested that Baba give him his blessings. Baba replied:

It is very easy for […]

Intense longing to see God is only possible by the grace of Perfect Master


At this point, Kashyap quoted some lines referring to the intense longing for union with God. Baba liked them and remarked:

It is […]

One should not succumb to worries

One day (23 May) D. D. Kashyap, 50, a Bombay film director, came for darshan. Baba remarked to him, “I know everything. Even then, […]

To see God you carry your life in the palm of your hand


One day after bhajans were sung, Baba remarked to the singers and musicians:

It is mentioned without any exception in all the holy […]

“The untold Infinite Treasure is within you”

On Friday, 29 April 1960, about 50 lovers and devotees arrived from Calcutta, Jabalpur and Hamirpur. To a group from Madhya Pradesh and Uttar […]

“Love answers all questions, for it ignores questioning itself”

[Someone interrupted Baba with a question.] When you are in my company, be fully attentive and receptive to what I dictate without questioning. Love […]

Real Darshan is possible only through love

One day N. S. Agrawal of Nagpur came for a few hours and, seeking solace, pressed his head on Baba’s feet. As he returned […]