The New Life: Baba is a friend in New Life but implicit obedience is essential

“Training” was to begin, as Baba had previously mentioned. “To make a success of the training period,” Baba stated, “implicit obedience is absolutely essential […]

The New Life: All are equal and everything must be open

At Supa, Baba said:

“From now on, everything must be clear, open and truthful. Nothing should be kept secret and hidden. All are equal, […]

The New Life: Conditions for others

[Baba outlines conditions for living for those not going with him during this New Life period]

As outlined, those women not going with Baba […]

The New Life – Companions preparedness for joining the New Life

“Old Life – Perfect Divinity, Divine Man.” “New Life – Perfect Humility, Ordinary Man,” (LM*, p2943)

While calling for the meeting, Baba repeatedly […]

The New Life – Standing order for all who accompany Baba

Mandali Hall, Meherabad

[From today we will have some anecdotes, important messages, etc., from Beloved Baba’s New Life]


If you accompany […]

The best way to control the mind

Shiv Charan Singh of Batala had come to the meeting with his son, Air Force Commander Jasbir Singh. He asked, “Baba, please show me […]

“There is a spiritual force in my words which is of great help to the sincere aspirant”

When Don returned to America, he dug out Deshmukh’s five-volume edited version of Baba’s Discourses. He was struck by the tremendous meaning and pungency […]

Sadguru burns up the sanskaras

I say, therefore: Will [control] your mind; lead a pure, clean, and virtuous life; remove low desires; follow One who has realized God; […]

Love, pure and steadfast

One day Baba explained at length about creation, rebirth and God-realization. He ended by stating:

Let these matters not be […]

Baba removes our ‘dirt’ like a laundryman

Meanwhile Baba had assigned different duties to Jal Kerawalla, among them being to find a good boy and bring him to Baba. Jal […]