Ways to overcome ones weaknesses

Q. Could you show us some means to overcome our weaknesses and faults?

Baba: By selfless service, devotion and love. By utilizing our best […]

A journey without journeying



The succession of experiences that one goes through in the process of involution is called the Spiritual Path, and the […]

“Without this love, life is not worth living”

“We should dedicate our life to God or the Perfect Master. This means that we should dedicate our happiness and sufferings, our virtues and […]

The recipients of His grace

“No one can realize God except through the grace and help of a God-realized Master, who is Truth incarnate. Only a God-realized […]

True love comes as a gift of grace



To those whose hearts are pure and simple, true love comes as a gift through the activising grace of a […]

To give the blessings of love



“It is a fact that I have come among you. One of these days, the whole world will come to realize […]

“Remain focused on my Reality”



“No one, and that also includes those who have come for the sahavas, should under any circumstances — either directly […]

What is pure love

On Sunday evening, 24 December 1939, a lawyer from a rural area, a simple and plain-spoken man, met Baba and quite frankly […]

Life is a battle



Questioner: Is life a battle?

Baba: Yes, it is a battle and, if rightly fought, would bring infinite anand [bliss].


Act in preference to your heart over mind



[A questioner speaks of the conflict between emotion and discretion]

Baba: When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or […]