A journey without journeying

The succession of experiences that one goes through in the process of involution is […]

“Without this love, life is not worth living”

“We should dedicate our life to God or the Perfect Master. This means that we should dedicate our happiness and […]

The recipients of His grace

“No one can realize God except through the grace and help of a God-realized Master, who is Truth incarnate. Only a God-realized […]

True love comes as a gift of grace



To those whose hearts are pure and simple, true love comes as a gift through the activising grace of a […]

To give the blessings of love



“It is a fact that I have come among you. One of these days, the whole world will come to realize […]

“Remain focused on my Reality”



“No one, and that also includes those who have come for the sahavas, should under any circumstances — either directly […]

What is pure love

On Sunday evening, 24 December 1939, a lawyer from a rural area, a simple and plain-spoken man, met Baba and […]

Life is a battle



Questioner: Is life a battle?

Baba: Yes, it is a battle and, if rightly fought, would bring infinite anand [bliss].


Act in preference to your heart over mind



[A questioner speaks of the conflict between emotion and discretion]

Baba: When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or […]

Don’t think much of self while doing service

[Personal Interviews]

Question: I am very happy to see you.

Baba: Anything to say?

Question : About the children for whose […]