“Ask and you lose!”

Lud [Dimpfl] returned the following day, and spent the morning and afternoon with Baba. At one point, Baba explained to him,

Their questions had been answered

During a tour that Meher Baba took through Andhra Pradesh, thousands of people came for His darshan. Most of them had come just to […]

“The Master knows the expressed as well as the unexpressed thoughts of everyone”

Q.Why, if he knows everything, does the Master ask questions ?

The impressions of the experiences of the innumerable past lives of an individual […]

Little Shireen’s conversations with Baba

Shireen (7 years old) turned to whisper something to one of the men sitting near her, but Baba motioned her to speak freely. She […]

“Love answers all questions, for it ignores questioning itself”

[Someone interrupted Baba with a question.] When you are in my company, be fully attentive and receptive to what I dictate without questioning. Love […]