Make Baba your constant companion


Baba’s love is with his lovers always, helping and guiding them. And they should keep their love for him alive […]

“I shall open my heart completely and keep it open”


“Only on certain occasions do I open a little of my heart and give out a little love. In Poona this time, I […]

“I am full of only love from head to foot”

Then Baba explained:

“People weep at the sight of me and find themselves loving me even when they say they don’t love […]

“You have no idea of my love and compassion which sustains your very being”

One of you has said, Baba, I am doing my duty honestly, yet I am not happy.

Who is to be blamed for this? […]

“Ask and you lose!”


Lud [Dimpfl] returned the following day, and spent the morning and afternoon with Baba. At one point, Baba explained to him,

“I am […]