Miracles and Spiritual Healing – Part 2 (Final)

True spiritual healing takes away the very seeds of all possible suffering

The scars left by the nonfulfillment of desires, or by the […]

Real healing is spiritual healing

“What about healing?” someone asked.

“Real healing is spiritual healing, whereby the soul, becoming free from desires, doubts and hallucinations, enjoys the eternal bliss […]

“It rests with you to draw as much love as you can”

Sahavas means the give-and-take of love.

I wish that you remain happy in my sahavas… and draw as much of my love as possible. […]

Love has no limit

Dedolchow said, “Baba, I am unable to love you as much as I wish. I want to love you as you want […]


Meher Baba wants us to have absolute honesty in our life. But now, if I were to be most honest at this moment, I […]

No politics

Occasionally though, Baba would purposely bring up some topic in the newspaper. If in the course of reading it aloud in mandali hall […]

Neither be carried away by wants nor don’t-wants

A young college graduate who had been loving Baba from his teenage years came for darshan with his […]

Bringing the best out of yourself

[Personal interviews]

Question: How can one achieve ones ambition? He [pointing to her son] ia an artist.

Baba: And art […]

Importance of faith in oneself

Unqualified and implicit faith in each other belongs to the world of ideals. In actual practice it exists only in special cases. Though it is very […]

When you in me resign

Once a friend near suicide calls to Him in despair.  At that time she was in America […]