“Search within your heart for that which is true and lasting”


During the darshan, a Dutch woman, married to an Indian editor and living in South Africa, came to meet Baba. She was […]

Maya: Maya can only be transcended when the aspirant realizes that Maya is God’s shadow

[Concluding post on ‘Maya’]

The principle of ignorance, meaning Maya, can only be transcended when the spiritual aspirant is able to realize that Maya […]

Maya: “All false values and false beliefs are due to the grip of Maya”

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If we stretch the above simile further and imagine that a miracle happens by which the unenlightened man […]

Maya : The apparent endless differences in the experiences are due to the varying degrees of consciousness

The following is the discourse on Maya that Baba dictated by hand signs for Irene Conybeare’s book, In Quest Of Truth:

Everything, from the […]

“He needs to be awakened by prayer.”

Padri, rather exasperated, confronted Baba, saying, “God is omnipresent and omniscient, so why pray for his blessing?”

“God is omnipresent,” […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Reversing process of perception

The process of perception runs parallel to the process of creation, and the reversing of the process of perception without obliterating consciousness amounts to […]

Meaning of surrender (Continued) – “I use the circumstances of everyday life to liberate my devotees”

I am not a writer, so I do not always express myself as well as you might wish. I am not a pedagogue, so […]

Meaning of surrender – “You must be prepared to follow my instructions implicitly, without caring for the results”

Garrett Fort with Baba

As things tragically turned out, Garrett Fort returned to Hollywood to face years of unemployment and inactivity. He plunged […]

God and Religion


On Saturday night, 11 November, darshan began at 9:30 P.M. in Gorakshan Maidan, where almost 30,000 people gathered. Baba gave a message […]

The four states of Ram (God) – Part 1

… but do you know who Ram was?

[Ramdas] Chaurasia replied, “I only know that he is the Ancient One and is born on […]