The Mystery of Creation

God is the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the universe which emanates from Him, is sustained by Him in His own being and also […]

East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: The feeling of separateness


Another point is that God alone is and there is nothing but God. God is indivisibly one, and He is indivisibly in each […]

Highroads to God – that lead to win the grace of God

The quickest of these highroads lies through the God-Man, who is consciously One with the Truth. In the God-Man, God reveals Himself in all […]

Highroads to God – All paths lead to God

A message about the paths to God was read out at one public function in Meherastana. It was entitled “Highroads to God” (at Mahewa):


The Life Eternal – Part 2 (Final)

Actually, everything in the evolutionary creation is wrought solely by the Infinite Power of God, Who works in eternal silence – from behind the […]

The Life Eternal – Part 1


Besides his explanation of the Fiery Free Life, seven other messages (dictated by Baba in October at Meherazad) were printed in different languages […]

We must seek God in everyday life


To a group Baba stated:

I really am happy to see you today. Let me tell you this fact: there is nothing to […]

20130310 – I am the Shah Saudagar – The Merchant-King


If you want to know God, the only solution is to catch hold of my daaman [robe]. If you care for God, if […]

20121116 – Who is Meher Baba?


Baba then asked, “If someone asked you who is Meher Baba, what would you say?”

Nadine Tolstoy answered, “God!”

Norina Matchabelli said, “The […]

01 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] God loves honesty


A Hindu from Kerala came for Baba’s darshan and related, “I have come from Benares on pilgrimage and due to unfortunate […]