Serving the little selfless ones is the real service

Baba attended the opening in Ahmednagar of Goma Ganesh’s Babawadi (nursery school).

This message from Baba was read out by Sarosh:

Selfless work, as […]

The seed of divine love

Baba had been invited to visit the Catholic Saint Joseph High School in Wadala, by the principal, Father Rego.

[At the gathering […]

Godliness is on auction – only real love unlocks the treasure store

After each discourse, Baba would urge the boys:

“Love me and you will realize me. […]

Baba’s advice to school children


Baba with Gurukul children

On Sunday morning, February 28th, at seven o’clock, Baba gave his personal contact to the children of the […]

Childhood is the ideal period for spirituality

A class in progress taught by Raosaheb


In the evening of November 26th, Baba gave the following discourse to the mandali:


Be Soldiers of God

In the town of Jarakhar, Shripat Sahai had made separate living accommodations for Baba and the mandali in a school building. The children there […]

Selfless service to little children is tantamount to rendering service directly to God

Goma Ganesh Pathak, one of the former teachers of the Meher Ashram school, was doing social work in Ahmednagar and would come to see […]

Qualities desired of a school teacher


Meanwhile, the vice-principal of Kolhapur University, a Mr. Dixit, invited Baba to participate in the opening of a new Montessori school, but because […]

20121201 – Life after the leaving the Prem Ashram – Abdulla Pakrawan narrates

  Many years passed before Abdulla concluded what Meher Baba had done for him:

Although people constantly try to collect worldly belongings with the […]

20121130 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 5 (final part)

Abdulla seated beside Baba

A short while following this experience, the focus of my concentration was fully established and I was in […]