“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 3 (Final)


Hearts are not purified by following the external practices of religion. This is the essence of the three principles of Zoroaster. Baba himself […]

“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 2

To cleanse our hearts is very difficult. How to do that? It is not in renunciating the world and leading a secluded […]

“Selfless service is service without the least tinge of ego”

Baba cited the examples of the saint Gadge Maharaj, and his followers Kaikadi Maharaj and Namanand, who of late had taken up his cause […]

What matters in spiritual path

In the spiritual path, these messages and addresses mean nothing. Without actual experience, all philosophical statements are idle talk, and all these ceremonies are […]

Real Darshan



Ramjoo read out Baba’s message on Real Darshan (given in Dehra Dun). At ten-thirty, Baba dictated this message on the alphabet board:


“I have concern with you because I allow you to serve me”

One time when Bhau was keeping watch near Baba, he was wearing a pair of thin pajamas. Baba was lying down snoring. He […]

“The chance to serve me is rarely given”


Think that you have dropped your bodies! Ghani, Chanji and some other lovers of mine have dropped their bodies, so think of […]

“In order to be able to help others, you yourself must first have knowledge”

Q. What’s the solution of this world-wide misery ? Will it be solved through martyrdom ?

Baba: Yes, through martyrdom […]

When the sun is high up, it does shine on you even if you don’t want it to


[Personal interviews]

Happy to see you. [Feels somewhat nervous.]

Do not feel nervous. Anything to ask or say?

I have doubts between […]

People talk, but do not seek God’s grace


[Personal interviews]

Q: In this standpoint of “Love” Consistent with Christian dogma?

Baba: Love has in it selfless service and renunciation of low […]