Regarding Sanskaras – Part-2/2

Or to evoke still another figure: suppose you hold an umbrella over your head and then proceed to shout aloud, “Oh, where […]

Regarding Sanskaras – Part-1/2

Sanskaras pose the greatest of hindrances to progress on the path. A huge heap of sanskaras stands behind every soul, and a […]

Bhakti, Karma, and Jnan Marg – Part-2/2

He who advances by the karma marg proceeds along the same basic lines as delineated above, with one difference: on the astral […]

Bhakti, Karma, and Jnan Marg – Part-1/2

At 2 p.m. Shri called the mandali and inquired, “Which is worst jail in India?” Some replied, Sabarmati in Gujarat, others said […]

Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-2/2

As to the one who has realized God and is immersed in the state of Truth, such a one possesses, at first, […]

As Food Is to the Body, the Body Is to the Soul

The desire expressed by one among the mandali to Be buried on the hill gave rise to a discussion of the General […]

God Is as Near to You as Your Own Shadow— and as Difficult to Grasp

Look at your own shadow. It seems so near to you: indeed, you cannot separate it from yourself. In the same way, God is […]

The Path of Truth is Not a Bed of Roses – Part-4 (Final)

To contemplate the terrible trials that the Guru brings to bear would make even the staunchest of heroes turn tail and run […]

The Path of Truth is Not a Bed of Roses – Part-3

The masses of humanity, who do not belong to a Master’s circle, find themselves in a case and situation that is very different—indeed, quite […]

The Path of Truth is Not a Bed of Roses – Part-2

Citing examples from the lives of Shri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, Shri explained that Vivekananda, as one of Ramakrishna’s circle members, was actually […]