Backbiting sanskaras take millions of births to wipe out!

Explaining to one woman devotee about slander,  Baba cited this couplet of Kabir:“He who slanders me is my friendbecause with […]

Prasad from the hands of the Avatar

Baba distributing prasad during Andhra darshan

[Kutumba] Sastri had made all the arrangements for Baba, even though he was in financial straits. Baba wanted […]

“Nothing at all can compare with this love which I offer”

Baba began expounding on the nature of his love, stating at the end, “You have to love so much that all this world you […]

“You have broken the ice for the East-West Gathering”

Tom Riley is seated before Baba on the floor

The Westerners had been informed not to arrive in Poona before the 28th, but a […]

“Be loving, honest and harmonious”

Eschew petty-mindedness. What is the use of the Center if there is discord among my lovers? You can say: “Avatar Meher Baba ki […]

Constant practice of virtue

By a special dispensation of GOD, also, the very highest type of devotee whose whole being is permanently focussed on the Divine […]

Don’t think much of self while doing service

[Personal Interviews]

Question: I am very happy to see you.

Baba: Anything to say?

Question : About the children for whose […]

“I build structures and then demolish them”

Norina and Elizabeth suggested to Baba that if he established a “Universal Center” somewhere his messages could be conveyed to other centers throughout the […]

The knowledge that is lacking

About knowledge, Baba explained:

“Man has all the nourishment to make him strong, but out of ignorance, he is eating things that do […]

“If you wish to be at peace, keep your mind steady”

On Wednesday, 18 December 1929, two Germans named Victor Stomps and Phillip Bobl came to Nasik for Baba’s darshan….

The other German, […]