Selfishness – Love and service

The dawn of love facilitates the death of selfishness. Being is dying by loving.

If you cannot love one […]

Selfishness [6] – Renunciation of wants

Wants should be carefully distinguished from needs. Pride and anger,greed and lust, are all different from needs. You might think, β€œI need all that […]

Selfishness [5] – Road to Happiness

Selfishness inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment because desires are endless. The problem of happiness is therefore the problem of dropping one’s […]

Selfishness [4] – Caught up in vicious circle of endless disappointment

Man experiences disappointment through lust, greed, and anger; and the frustrated ego, in its turn, seeks further-gratification throughlust, greed, and anger. Consciousness […]

Selfishness [3] – Lust, greed, anger

The chief forms in which the frustrated ego finds expression are lust, greed, and anger.

Lust is very much like greed in many respects; but it […]

Selfishness [2] – Wanting ends in dissatisfaction

The range of selfishness is equal to the range of desires. Owing to the hindrance of multifarious desires, it becomes impossible for the soul to find […]

Selfishness [1]- Analysis

Selfishness comes into existence owing to the tendency of desires to find fulfillment in action and experience. It is born of fundamental ignorance about […]

The give-and-take of sanskaras

The give-and-take of sanskaras depends on the attitude of the mind, i.e. if you do a certain action with good intentions, you catch good […]

Money alone can’t bring happiness

In speaking about happiness, Baba stated:

“Look at Hollywood movie stars. They have ample money, name, fame, everything β€” still they are unhappy. Why? […]

“I put you there; now stay there.”

Don Stevens was a well-paid executive of Standard Oil. Once, thinking that he should pursue a more humanitarian line of work, such as being […]