“It is her good fortune that she has still stuck to me.”

On Saturday, 11 May 1963, a woman came with a garland for Baba. Baba commented to those gathered near him, “She was once very […]

No repression but transformation


“I don’t want any repression, but I do want transformation. I never for one moment say that you must not get angry. Don’t […]

“Spiritual life is not a matter of quantity but of inherent quality of living”

A thing need not be unusual or particularly striking in order to be spiritually significant. The unusual and the striking exist relative to the […]

The Eternal NOW  – Every moment is rich with eternal significance


When every moment is rich with eternal significance, there is neither the lingering clinging to the dead past nor a longing expectation for […]

The Eternal NOW  – Life is meant to be rich in spiritual significance at every moment


The illusion that most aspirants find difficult to shake is the belief that infinite Truth is an object that has to be attained […]

The three types of disciples

There are three types of disciples: those who help, those who are a burden, and those who are a hindrance.

Those who lift me […]

Bitter experiences of the past often open new vistas

The same day, Baba also dictated this reply to a friend of Nadine Tolstoy’s, Grand Duchess Marie, a Russian aristocrat:

Many bitter experiences of […]

Yogic practices cannot give mukti


No yogi can gain eternal freedom or emancipation, even though he might have reached the highest yogic state of samadhi through his practices, […]

This penance from the depths of your heart is adequate

After a few minutes, his roving glance fell on a young lady standing isolated at the far end of the room with her back […]

Surrender is better than love


Love and self-surrender both lead one to the Goal. But generally in the path of love, one drops his body after reaching the […]