What is grace?

What is grace? Suppose one becomes one hundred percent prepared and then realizes himself as God; that is not grace. If the worst sinner […]

The Voice of Conscience and Firmness of Mind

“Your mind must be as firm as a rock that resists strong blasts of wind from all sides […]

An absolute turnover

Recently the Beloved has been telling us not so much of the close-at-hand breaking of His Silence, but of the monumental change that will […]

The Language of the Heart

God does not listen to the language of the tongue, or of the mind, but He responds to the language of the […]

Baba’s message to children – How to find Him

[Continued from previous message]

Now if you ask Me how it is that I stay always with you but you never see Me, I […]

Baba’s message to children – Make me your friend

Baba’s message to children – Make me your friend

I was very happy to receive your love-filled letter in your sweet language. I love […]

The Law of Karma

The law of Karma is the counterpart of the law of cause and effect, which operates in the physical world. If there were no […]

God does everything and nothing

God does everything and in another sense does nothing. Although God does nothing, those who approach Him with love and surrender derive everything that […]

The One Indivisible Life

The correct solution of every problem can come only from Indivisible Truth. There can be no fictitious cleavage in the unity of life by […]

Obey the Master

The visitors then asked, “But why does man, although he desires to be good and honest, fail to be so?”

And Baba replied, “Not […]