“In order to teach humanity humility”

“Jesus Christ suffered the tortures of crucifixion to take on the suffering of the world. Being simultaneously the Father and Son, his own infinite […]

“Keep your mind always toward the goal”

Baba in Hollywood

“You must always remember that in spirituality, it is not the intellect and external life that matters, but it is the […]

Serving the little selfless ones is the real service

Baba attended the opening in Ahmednagar of Goma Ganesh’s Babawadi (nursery school).

This message from Baba was read out by Sarosh:

Selfless work, as […]

Temporary relief vs Real remedy

Then he explained a subtle difference between relief and His help. He used different languages while commenting […]

Inner communication between a lover and Master

“The inner voice is the surest means of communication and never fails to reach me. But the response, whether prompt or slow, depends on […]

The meaning of dedication

To escape from this bondage, leave everything to Baba and dedicate to him, in all honesty and with full sincerity, your everything. The meaning […]

Constant practice of virtue

By a special dispensation of GOD, also, the very highest type of devotee whose whole being is permanently […]

On merging with Baba

Nadine Tolstoy (Nadia) with Baba

Nadine asked Baba, “What it is like for you to feel yourself […]

“Take me with you”

There was more lighthearted conversation; then Baba told us that we should go out, walk around [Meher Mount], see the views, and try to […]

Literal obedience – the crooked knots of sanskaras are set straight

Obedience to the Master as implied in full self-surrender is of two kinds: intellectual and literal. Of these two types of obedience, intellectual obedience […]