The Language of the Heart

At 6 A.M., this message “The Language of the Heart” was delivered to the crowd at Orai:

God does not listen to the language […]

Baba’s advice to school children


Baba with Gurukul children

On Sunday morning, February 28th, at seven o’clock, Baba gave his personal contact to the children of the Gurukul […]

An indication of the depth of the identity of the Avatar with oneself

Don Stevens with Baba’s sadra placed on a chair (2006, AMB Hyderabad Jubilee Hills center)


When Don Stevens was sitting in Eruch’s room, […]

“My method is to create and to abolish”



Kumar had brought the colt, Sheba, to Baba, and on June 27th, Baba told him to bring a deer. The […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 2 (Final)

What is meant by “you, yourself”? When you feel hungry, you say, “I am hungry,” when unwell you say, “I am sick,” and so […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 1


After embracing most of those gathered, Baba stated his explanations for the meaning of sahavas:

The meaning of sahavas is physical proximity, to […]

Death and sanskaras



On March 6th, while explaining about after death and experiencing gross impressions in the subtle state, Baba disclosed:

Suppose a […]

“I take away very little and I give the infinite Ocean of Love”


Among those from Miami, Florida, were Ralph and Stella Hernandez. Ralph, age thirty-seven, had found out about Baba from Dana Field, who had […]

Real charity


Mentioning charity, Baba remarked,

“The greatest virtue is called charity, not this ordinary charity. Real charity means tolerance due to big-heartedness. Tolerance and […]

“Holding of my daaman has most meaning”

Baba showing the hem of His garment, meaning ‘Daaman’


Baba explained about gurus who “initiate” disciples by whispering some word in their ear, […]