Playing with illusion: Caught up in the ephemeral things of this world

Suffering comes through ignorance or attachment to illusions. Most people play with illusions like children play with toys. If you get caught up in […]

Removing ‘the dirty water’ within us



There was a small tank-like pond in the Prem Basera compound, but no pipeline to fill it. Men were […]

Faith and nobility


Questioner: Is faith in God essential?

Baba: That depends on how you interpret faith. Some who have faith and believe in God lead […]

“So feel, then speak with conviction”



The Japanese man Hitaka had returned from Calcutta, and Baba ordered him to keep silence from midnight that night to […]

Baba’s blessings



Sarosh and Viloo’s son, Merwan, returned from England and was to be married to Anita, his Swiss fiancée. One day he and […]

“To follow Me is to obey Me”



“If you let your will guide you so that you walk ahead of Me, you become your own obstruction to My leading […]

The need for active effort



Commenting on the statement, “Finding God is the eternal problem and struggle,” Baba explained:

It is true. But one must not stop […]

“All you have to do is to obey me”




Madhusudan then sang a few ghazals whose meaning would occasionally be interpreted by Baba. He said:

On the Path, cowards have […]

Each hour of our day


“There are many ways of working and many think, unless each hour of the day is filled with some definitely active work, that […]

World cleansing



“It seems that every personal ego has to come up to the surface and function, before it can be destroyed, so the […]